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My name is Jeff Stupar and I moved to Costa Rica in September of 2004.  My wife (Gioconda Pucci Coronado) and my step-son (Manrique Leiva Pucci) are Costa Rica citizens and we live in the suburbs of San Jose, Costa Rica.  Gioconda and I decided it would be best for Manrique to live in Costa Rica while he was growing up, so I moved to Costa Rica. 

Costa Rica is a beautiful country in Central America with the Pacific on the west coast and the Atlantic on the east coast.  There are many Costa Rican beaches to explore, as well Costa Rica National Parks, rain forests, rivers, volcano's, Tropical Plants and wildlife.  I hope to see as much of the country while I am here as well as learn Spanish and learn about the culture of the people. 

While living in Costa Rica the past few years, I have discovered that the coffee from Costa Rica is some of the best gourmet coffee in the world.  I am an affiliate marketer for the companies on this website and only get credit if you link to their website from this website.  So please bookmark for convenience when purchasing your coffee online.

"Pura Vida mis amigos."

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